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Where it all began

Who Are We?

7 letters…Bahethi is where it all began. Our founders Om and Sara Bahethi, originally Baheti, added an h to their last name when they came to the United States. 7 letters B.A.H.E.T.H.I. Om believed 7 to be a lucky number thus the H was added after the T in Bahethi showing uniqueness and unification. Uniqueness, because in Devanagari the Hindi pronunciation of H is not clear and H is not commonly used. The unification within Bahethi comes from the T and H, because when they are together they become a digraph (two letters that make one sound). Both letters must coexist together in unison to create a new sound, thus, showing unity which is what the Bahethi Family Foundation is all about. The unity within science, technology, education and mathematics. Om and Sara’s belief in unity is part of the building blocks of the Bahethi Family Foundation; special, unique and unified.

Our Story

◦ 1960 The story of Om and Sara Bahethi is similar to many immigrants from India. In the 1960s, Om and Sarawati Bahethi left Jodhpur, Rajasthan, to begin the next phase of their lives in the Northeast United States. In 1967, Om left his home in the Thar Desert, his recent wife, Saraswati, and his oldest son, Ravi, to pursue his Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics at the State University of New York, SUNY, in Buffalo.  ◦ 1970 ◦ In 1970, Saraswati followed him with Ravi and soon added their youngest son, Praveen, to the family. During these formative Buffalo years of the Bahethi Family, many people provide aid in scholarships, Federal and State aid, and the kindness of friends and neighbors. In 1977, after working at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center for a contracting company, Om and Sara branched out on their own to form a company called Science Systems and Applications, Inc, SSAI. www.ssaihq.com

History About Us

  •  SSAI
  •  In 2021, 44 years later, Chairman Om and Secretary Saraswati passed the baton to their son, Praveen, to continue their selflessness within the familial culture at SSAI. ◦ From the beginning, these family-centered values remain a central part of SSAI’s current culture— reflected in how SSAI leadership treats its employees and how employees treat each other and SSAI customers. This enduring culture allows SSAI to attract and retain highly qualified scientists, engineers, programmers, and researchers to support our customers’ most challenging missions and achieve their loftiest goals. ◦ Furthermore, they have sponsored many family members from both sides of the family to establish and create deeper ties to their adopted country, USA.

◦ BAHETHI FAMILY FOUNDATION ◦ In 2012, Om and Sara founded the Bahethi Family Foundation to empower people in science and technology. Om and Sara have donated over $3 million to scholarships, schools, colleges, and universities throughout the Northeast US and Rajasthan, India. They plan to continue their generosity to promote science and technology education, giving back to enable opportunities for others as they were for them.

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